Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tying Up Loose Ends

I am notorious for starting projects....big projects....and then losing interest and moving on.  This winter/spring, I have tried to go through my stash of unfinished projects, deciding whether or not they are worthy of my time, and choosing to either finish them up or throw them out.  Actually, I have been trying to do this with all aspects of my life - deciding what is worthy of my time, what enriches my life and what doesn't, and where they fit into my priority pyramid.
My family is at the pinnacle of that pyramid - their needs, wants, dreams and desires.  There's nothing more satisfying to me than supporting those I love.  I like to think I've become very skilled at it.  This alone tends to take up most of my time.  Farm comes second. What little bit is left over is divided among friends, extended family, and personal interests/fulfillment...hence all the unfinished projects.  I am not complaining, I just need to simplify, prioritize, and weed out the unnecessary.  It's proving harder than it should be. I have a hard time not trying and wanting to do it all.
With all the time I invest in being a mom, although validating and fulfilling, I tend to lose myself - who I am aside from that role.  That is another thing that has made me somewhat unsettled.  I can see my children learning, growing, and moving on.  Once they are gone, which is a good thing, I don't want to be left feeling empty, wondering who I am and what I have to offer.  I am working through these things just like I am working through my drawers of projects.
So in honor of my ramblings and that it was National Quilting Day yesterday (I think), I am posting some pictures of a quilt I started for Hannah about 5 years ago.  It is fittingly named Farmer's Daughter.  It's pretty detailed.  It consists of two different types of blocks.  The Farmer's block:
I've done them in multiple colors.  I like to think they look like fields with pivot irrigation.  Then there are 64 red star blocks.  I've used 8 different reds.  Hannah's favorite color has always been red.

I've gotten through 2 of the 8 fabrics and started on the third. Only 47 blocks left to go.  Each block takes about 20 minutes - probably less for someone more skilled.  I keep telling myself  "just a couple blocks a day" and I will get there. 

 Although my quilts never end up perfect, they are a perfect metaphor for life. You take scraps, organize, put them in place and create something new, hopefully useful, and maybe beautiful.  Wish me luck....I need it.

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  1. Quilts are a great metaphor for life. As I've let some of my quilt mistakes go, I know I need to do this with myself too.